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PurposePath Capital is a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor and fiduciary. Simply put, what’s best for your family and your finances always come first. We believe collaborating with families to identify and develop personalized investment strategies leads to added engagement and continuity. The goals we set together are more powerful when they have a purpose. That’s why we encourage you to dream. We all have dreams for our personal, professional, and financial lives. Are you chasing them, or do you feel trapped, in a rut, looking for a new challenge?

PurposePath Capital provides you access to certified coaches trained in developing those dreams and teaching you to turn them into reality. If the destination you desire includes financial freedom, security, and a lasting legacy… it’s time to travel a new path with PurposePath Capital.

Your Team

Mike DiSalvo

Mike DiSalvo, CFP®, MBA

David Garcia, financial advisor

David Garcia, CPA

Ryan Furlong

Ryan Furlong, CFP®

Wealth Advisor
Betsy Gustison

Betsy Gustison

Client Engagement & Service Leader
April Hawkins

April Hawkins, MBA

Client Engagement & Service Leader

Jonathan Casey

Client Engagement

Your Coaches

George Bennett

George Bennett, LPC

Life Transition Specialist & Retirement Coach