April Hawkins

Hi, I’m April. I was born and raised in Quincy, IL, where I currently reside. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and my Master’s Degree in Business Administration, both from Quincy University. Aside from my day job, I am also a dance teacher as well as a textbook proofreader on the side. 

Determined, hardworking, loyal, and thoughtful are a few words to describe me. My faith in God and love for others drives all I do. I aim to lead with a kind and non-judgmental heart. I love being in relationship with others, learning their stories, and helping guide them to a path of success, whatever their definition of success may be. As the previous office manager at a funeral home, I learned endless empathy and compassion for people from all walks of life, and I am excited to carry those traits over to my role at PurposePath.

More About Me

 I am: 

  • Married to my amazing husband, Austin, since 2022. We got married in the best month of the year (April, of course!)
  • A dog mom to the prettiest and sweetest English Cream Golden Retriever, Sadie Hawkins
  • A Christian, a member of The Crossing Church, and a member of a small group at Madison Park Christian Church
  • Thrilled to be a competitive dance teacher at my childhood dance studio, where I have taught for 15 years now. I love dance, but I love the relationships with my students even more
  • A sucker for sushi, Diet Coke, and sampling local cuisine while traveling. Also, dessert with every meal is a must!
  • Someone with a heart for the elderly, which I credit to the close relationships I had with all my grandparents
  • 1 of 5 children (including step-siblings) in my family, and we all have names that start with “A”. Conveniently, all but 1 of us also chose spouses with “A” names 
  • An advocate for prioritizing mental health and practicing self-care
  • Still in love with dancing and performing after many years of doing so (although teaching is great). A few of my favorite past performance ventures include dancing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC, at halftime of the Orange Bowl in Miami, and winning our Dancing with Local Stars competition twice
  • A grandma at heart – I love to read, do Sudoku and jigsaw puzzles, and watch Hallmark Channel, plus I’m always cold 
  • The epitome of a girly girl; pink, sparkles, fashion, shopping, accessorizing – you name it, I’m in!
  • Easily amused by my all-time favorite show, Friends. It makes me laugh out loud no matter how many times I watch it. (Anyone else relate to Monica? Perfectionists unite!)
  • Anxious to travel the world, but my favorite U.S. city is Nashville. Country music concerts are my jam (pun intended)
  • A believer in chasing your goals and dreams. Some of mine are:
    • Starting a family, including potentially adopting or fostering children
    • Traveling to every continent – Europe is up first 
    • Continuing to be outrageously generous by consistently doing random acts of kindness, both large and small
    • Becoming an event planner 
    • Meeting the child I sponsor in the Philippines through Compassion International

DISC Profile



Why is this important for clients?

You can trust me to be thorough, reliable, and attentive to details, while also being considerate, patient, and understanding. I thrive in being organized and seeing projects through to completion, but I also truly want to see you achieve your dreams and be someone you can count on to help you get there. Every client’s needs and goals are unique, and I look forward to being accommodating in helping you reach yours.