Betsy Gustison

Hi. I am Betsy. I have worked in the retirement plan and banking industry for over 20 years after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Finance from Quincy University. I love getting to know people and helping answer their retirement plan and personal finance questions in a simplified way. I married my high school sweetheart, Tony. We have boy/girl twins and two Vizsla pups. I was born in St. Louis, but have lived most of my life in Quincy, IL. I am a certified yoga instructor at Domingo Yoga Studio. A typical day for me outside of work involves a positive outlook, essential oils, eating healthy, walking our dogs, talking with God, yoga, playing mom taxicab, and attentively tuning into youth baseball, dance, track, cross country, and family time. Oh, and I am completely deaf in my right ear and my right equilibrium no longer functions due to a virus, but I defied all odds and came out stronger physically and faithfully.

More About Me

I am:

  • Dedicated to my family above all else. I absolutely love spending time with my husband and kids. The room is generally filled with music, love, and laughter.
  • Passionate about camping (or “glamping” – our camper is a house on wheels). I love to be outside in nature, as it is very healing for me. I enjoy hiking, fishing, and exploring, but then I like to sleep inside comfortably in my second home.
  • In love with lake life…the simplicity of it, the beauty of it, and the option to be daring and try something new or to just sit back and relax.
  • A dog mom to Vizslas, the most loving dog breed you will find…. if you exercise them. They are excellent with children, love to snuggle, are so happy, and are excellent companions, but the first 2 years might break you down if you are not easy going. They generally have 1-3 things they obsess over, like destroying throw pillows, plastic anything, and ink pens. Therefore, if you choose to love these dogs, those items simply may cease to exist in your house!
  • Constantly craving peace in my life, which is why I practice so much yoga. Yoga brings me peace. I love sharing that with people and experiencing it with them.
  • Always willing to help others – it is in my DNA. I have a positive outlook on life and like to share that with other people. I overcame a lot of anxiety and panic attacks with my ear, so I know how hard life can look. But, I also know the feeling of rising up and overcoming really hard obstacles.
  • Enamored by newborn babies. Holding them is therapeutic to me. Their innocence and beauty overcome me. I get that from my mom. I can hold them for hours.
  • Blessed with a big circle of really amazing people in my life. I love spending time with my family and friends. They complete me.
  • Regularly talking with God. My faith runs deep and so do my conversations with God. When I learned to actually give Him my worries, that is when my life started to really see change.
  • A believer in chasing your goals and dreams. Some of mine are:
    • Spending more time kayaking
    • Helping people find joy in life
    • Giving back to my community to empower youth to become who they didn’t think was possible
    • Writing a bible study program from women and for teens
    • Exploring the entire United States one campground at a time

DISC Profile



Why is this important for clients?

I am slower paced, people oriented, relational, and supportive. I consider how other people feel above self-interests and am team-oriented with a focus on the feelings of others. I am also kind, friendly, excitable, compassionate, fun, easygoing, optimistic, and imaginative.

My personality helps me serve clients at PurposePath Capital by deeply caring about the person and truly wanting the best for others. I am able to show people their potential in a caring and welcoming environment.