Jonathan Casey

Hi. I’m Jon. A few words to describe me would be hardworking, determined, faithful, caring, and honest to say the least. These are some of the very core values I live by on a daily basis.

I have a servant’s heart and get to use this every day in my partnership with PurposePath Capital as I expand on my journey in the world of Finance.

Traveling the world and experiencing different cultures at a young age allowed me to expand my horizons and truly see what it means to be rich in spirit and share that through service and impact.

More About Me

 I am: 

  • Passionate about knowing Jesus and making Him known.
  • A Helper to those who are in need.
  • A soccer player at Quincy University.
  • A Finance Major at Quincy University.
  • The oldest of three younger siblings.
  • A lover of any destination where I could go for a swim or view a beautiful sunset.
  • A very frequent flyer.
  • A regular gym goer who lives for a good chest day.
  • A sneakerhead.
  • Blessed to call San Fernando, Trinidad my home and Presentation College my family.
  • In love with my native cuisine from Trinidad & Tobago but letting loose with Pasta or Chic-Fil-A are close seconds.
  • A believer in chasing after your God-given goals and dreams. Some of mine are:
    • To preach the gospel in every major city in all 50 states.
    • To travel the world and create new experiences in different countries.
    • To continue to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.
    • To recover from my ACL tear and play soccer again.
    • To be able to serve local and foreign communities by a means that enables growth physically and spiritually with God.

DISC Profile



Why is this important for clients?

I seek facts to help people solve problems in a practical way. Working on projects that require attention to detail and providing assistance to others is my strength. I am task-oriented and motivated to serve the needs of others as best as I can to ensure success.